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Comprehensive school for blockchain
where you can be ready for the future.

“Learn blockchain,
a technology changing this world and work to create future.”

FLOC Blockchain Daigakko is an educational institution providing comprehensive courses about blockchain. We are going to build a platform for blockchain through training engineers, running business school, provide certification test to build standard, recruitment and Entrepreneurship.


Learn the basic knowledge of blockchain, even from knowing nothing.

Be able to build a business using blockchain technology.

Acquire practical and applied skills to become a blockchain engineer


Jonathan Underwood
Head Dean of FLOC Blockchain Daigakko

Chief Bitcoin Officer at bitbank Ltd.
Bitcoin Researcher from America
Participated in several BIP drafts, helping define the standards surrounding Bitcoin protocol in wallet software etc.
Established Blockchain Daigakko inc, in 2017 and became the Head Dean of FLOC Blockchain Daigakko in 2018.

Recently, various industries have begun development of large scale proof of concept systems deploying blockchain technology. This movement has given us a new chance to revamp the financial industry, and blockchain technology has been a leading force in this wave of "Fintech."

Unfortunately, there are not enough engineers with a deep knowledge of blockchain tech to fill demand. Also, the educational resources for engineers to gain this knowledge are mostly in English, and sometimes hard to grasp alone. Similarly, business planners looking for new ideas utilizing blockchain tech have nowhere to turn. This is why we started FLOC Blockchain Daigakko, to fill these educational needs. In order to meet these needs, with our original methodology, we have created an environment for students to excel and learn the skills they need quickly. This includes periodic skill checks and job hunting support. We are confident that your experience at our school will deepen your knowledge of blockchain technology.

Join us and together we can create the future.


Heizo Takenaka

Professor of Toyo University Faculty of International Studies
Keio University Honorary Professor

After graduated Hitotsubashi University faculty of Economy, entered to Development Bank of Japan in 1973 and worked there until 1981. After his 8 years career at bank, he served as Visiting Associate Professor of Harvard University, Professor of Keio University Faculty of Policy Studies and so on. Except those careers in academic, he has worked as a research adviser for the Japan Economic Research Center, a director of Academy Hills, a director of Pasona Group Inc., an outside director of ORIX Corporation, an outside director of SBI Holdings, Inc. and so on.

Masakazu Iwakura

Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of Law (Business Law)

After graduating from the University of Tokyo law department, he graduated from Harvard Law School (LL.M.) in 1993, and obtained NY State Lawyer qualification in 1994. Appointed visiting professor at Harvard Law School in 2007 and 2013. After being a professor at Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy, he has been working since 2018. He specializes in business law including M & A law, financial regulation law, intellectual property law, IT law and Fintech law.


*Including Group Companies