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FLOC Blockchain Daigakko is an educational institution providing comprehensive courses about blockchain. We are going to build a platform for blockchain through training engineers, running business school, provide certification test to build standard, recruitment and Entrepreneurship.


Recently, various industries have begun development of large scale proof of concept systems deploying blockchain technology. This movement has given us a new chance to revamp the financial industry, and blockchain technology has been a leading force in this wave of "Fintech."

Unfortunately, there are not enough engineers with a deep knowledge of blockchain tech to fill demand. Also, the educational resources for engineers to gain this knowledge are mostly in English, and sometimes hard to grasp alone. Similarly, business planners looking for new ideas utilizing blockchain tech have nowhere to turn. This is why we started FLOC Blockchain Daigakko, to fill these educational needs. In order to meet these needs, with our original methodology, we have created an environment for students to excel and learn the skills they need quickly. This includes periodic skill checks and job hunting support. We are confident that your experience at our school will deepen your knowledge of blockchain technology.

Join us and together we can create the future.

Head Dean of FLOC Blockchain Daigakko
Jonathan Underwood



Running school to study and train blockchain technology


Career Support and Recruiting to Companies
(Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare permission number:13-ユ-309750)


Training and human resource development business for companies


Chief Executive Officer
Masato Izumi

established largest organization providing financial and economy education, Financial Academy and became the CEO. Currently, running school in Tokyo, Osaka, and New York and establish original systematic curriculum from accounting to economics and asset management. In order to build a platform for Distributed Ledger Technology, which might change the structure of Finance, established FLOC and became the CEO. Director Association for Blockchain Promotion. He has written over 30 volumes in total of over 1.5 million copies of books such as "Monetary Theory" and "System Work Skills".

Noriko Kurokawa

Graduated from Tokyo Women's Christian University. After starting an editor, she started business in April 2005. In addition to being involved in the management of several companies including a director of FinancialAcademy, she performs media appearances, writing and lecture activities to spread financial economic literacy on magazines, television, radio etc. for more than 2,000 times. Appointed as FLOC's Director from the desire to play a role in social optimization with Society 5.0 by systematically organizing and conveying knowledge and ideas.


Location Kokusai Building 3-1-1 Marunouchi Chiyoda Tokyo
Business Running school to train blockchain engineer
Establishment of corporate training curriculum and training programs for corporate
Consulting business
Establishment 2/4/2018
Net asset 100 million JPY
CEO Masato Izumi
Financial Period End of December
Group companies Financial Academy