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3 courses available

You can choose from basic and expert courses (Engineer course and Business Course), you can combine and attend those courses. For night courses held in weekdays, each course can be graduated in as short as 3 months, and we have built a curriculum that allows you to quickly acquire knowledge and skills.

Basic course

Course Overview

Through learning the undergoing technology of blockchain and how it works, you can acquire basic knowledge to build blockchain business. Basic course is essential for beginners to build foundation of knowledge.


Beginners to intermediate level people who want to acquire systematic knowledge of blockchain.


World of Blockchain
Basic technology of blockchain
Know the structure of block
Encryption and wallet
Structure and technology of P2P
Form consensus on blockchain
Fork of chain and alternative coins
The future blockchain will realize
(Total 8 times × 90 minutes)
※Course content may change

Business course

Course Overview

You can directly learn from top class experts in each field. Through many case studies, you will be able to build a business using blockchain. Course to sharpen ability to build practical business.


Those who want to deploy or launch business using blockchain technology.


Blockchain and future business
How Ethereum works and how to use it in business
Smart Contract and its use cases
How Ripple works and how to use it in business
Crypto Currency trading and blockchain
Apply blockchain for payment and remittance
Apply blockchain to finance and security fields
Apply blockchain to distribution (Supply chain, contents distribution)
Apply blockchain for managing information (Real estate registration, sharing economy)
Environment surrounding ICO and how to proceed
Case study of blockchain business
How to make a blockchain business plan
(Total 12 times × 90 minutes)
※Course content may change

Engineer course

Course overview

Targeting engineer and programmers, you will practice skills to be a blockchain developer. This course aims to acquire practical and applicable programming skills.


Who want to work as a blockchain engineer or work for Fintech industry.


Unit A Department to practice blockchain
Understanding the basic structure of blockchain and set up the development environment
Generating private and public key, using hash function
Wallet creation
Create unsigned transaction
Let’s transfer
Understand the structure of P2P
Build the structure of P2P
Understand the consensus algorithm
Expand the consensus algorithm
Build blockchain 1
Build blockchain 2
(Total 12 times × 90 minutes)
※Course content may change

Unit B Department of developing smart contract
Basic of Ethereum
Build Ethereum environment
Ethereum client
Ethereum network
Development on Ethereum
ERC standards
Implement contract 1-1
Implement contract 1-2
Implement contract 2-1
Implement contract 2-2
Security and problems
Latest technology of Ethereum
(Total 12 times ×90 minutes)
※Course content may change